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Boebert Watch News Digest 8/27/2023

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Democrat Adam Frisch leads against Rep. Lauren Boebert in poll for 2024 race 
The poll, conducted this month by Keating Research among 801 3rd Congressional District residents likely to vote next year, shows Frisch with a 50% to 48% lead. Because the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%, president and founder Chris Keating conceded that the results signify, for all intents and purposes, a tie. But the trajectory for Frisch, Keating said, is going the right way. In an October 2022 poll the firm conducted on last November’s race, it was Boebert who held the 2% lead. She ended up defeating Frisch by fewer than 600 votes — a margin so thin it triggered an automatic recount.
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Belligerence and hostility: Trump’s mugshot defines modern US politics 
The former president’s supporters are already embracing the booking photo as a badge of honour and defiance. It will be held up as evidence that their man will not give up the fight against a system his followers see as ever more determined to bring him down and prevent him returning to the White House. Far-right congresswoman Lauren Boebert led the way with a tweet proclaiming: “Not all heroes wear capes.” The president’s detractors, on the other hand, will see the booking photo as evidence that even a man who was once the most powerful person in the land cannot escape the might of the justice system. Some will welcome anything that makes him look even a little bit more criminal as a confirmation that sooner or later he is going to prison. The accused may be presumed innocent until a plea or a jury says otherwise but mugshots can have a way of conveying guilt.
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Boebert Defends Trump’s Decision Not To Debate: ‘I Think That He Weighed This And Likely Chose Wisely’ 
U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) told a right-wing radio host Friday that she respects Trump’s decision not to participate in Wednesday’s GOP presidential primary debate in Milwaukee. “You know, President Trump is a smart man, and I certainly stand by whatever decision he makes to do this,” Boebert told KHOW’s Dan Caplis. “People know what he has to say. He’s an effective communicator to the American people. He’s always been successful at that. That is why so many people have tried to silence and censor what he has to say, because he does that excellently to get that message out to the American people. … So I respect his decision. He’s a smart man. I think that he weighed this and likely chose wisely.” Caplis disagreed with Boebert on air, saying. “I just really think he needs to do it.”
Neither Lauren Boebert nor Republican primary challenger plans to sign Libertarians’ pledge 
State Libertarians agreed earlier this summer to refrain from nominating candidates in races they might “spoil” by pulling votes from Republicans — if the Republican nominees meet the minor political party’s standards. Under an unprecedented agreement negotiated between Colorado GOP Chairman Dave Williams and his Libertarian counterpart, Hannah Goodman, the Libertarians last week released lengthy pledges for federal and state candidates to sign. “Together we can break the stranglehold of Democrats’ one-party rule over Colorado,” the state Libertarians’ governing board said in a social media post announcing the pledges, which each include more than a dozen positions ranging from opposing U.S. military aid to Ukraine to supporting the right of Coloradans to drink raw milk.
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No Sparks Fly Among CO Politicians on Panel at Water Conference 
Colorado Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet, both Democrats, and U.S. Representatives Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Joe Neguse (D-CO), all but held hands Wednesday to sing Kumbaya about Colorado water issues and solutions. The politicians attended the Colorado Water Congress’ 2023 Summer Conference at the Steamboat Grande in Steamboat Springs. There wasn’t a word of disagreement among the senators and representatives – despite the presence of Republican firebrand Boebert, who has consistently downplayed the threat of climate change and blocked efforts to address it. Everyone emphasized the value of communication and cooperation to protect Colorado water, agriculture, and forestry.
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BLM shifts green on 2 million Western Slope acres, setting up Colorado clash of environment vs. oil 
Hickenlooper won’t campaign against Boebert, but he will call Alabama’s Tommy Tuberville ’an embarrassment’ for freezing military promotions 
McCarthy says House could launch impeachment inquiry as soon as next month 
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Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘My name is on a list’ of Trump vice-president picks 
Rep. Boebert asks federal court to dismiss defamation case 
Lauren Boebert’s Infrastructure Bill Hypocrisy Reaches New Heights With Maui Tweets 
Boebert challenger Anna Stout lands Democratic primary endorsements from Western Slope legislators 

Boebert Watch News Digest 8/20/2023

Boebert Watch is a weekly news clips service focused solely on Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado delivered to subscribers to the PNC Daily News Digest. To subscribe to the Daily News Digest, click here. To subscribe to Boebert Watch clips only, click here.

Lauren Boebert mocked for promoting visit to Rico fire department amid Trump Rico charges 
Social media users mocked Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) for her appearance at a Rico fire department amid former president Donald Trump being charged in Georgia under a law that shares the same likeness. The right-wing firebrand congresswoman posted images of her visit to the Rico Fire Protection District in her district. “Honored to spend time with firefighters from the Rico Fire Protection District – true heroes dedicated to keeping our community safe,” she posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Their bravery and commitment are truly remarkable. Grateful for their sacrifice and service!”
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Lauren Boebert slammed for attacking Biden over Maui wildfires 
Lauren Boebert has been slammed after she criticised President Joe Biden for his handling of the Maui wildfires. “There is a total crisis in Maui,” she wrote on social media on Sunday afternoon. “3000 destroyed homes. 80 people dead. Where’s Joe Biden? On vacation of course. There is no bottom for this president.” Mr Biden was at his Delaware beach house for the weekend after having approved a major disaster declaration on Thursday. He said, “Every asset that we have will be available to” those affected in Hawaii.
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Loophole allows Boebert to blast back against attack ad 
An ad paid for by Rocky Mountain Values, which is a group trying to unseat Boebert, attacks the Congresswoman about veteran-related health care. “There’s one thing that sticks with you from serving is you leave no one behind. But Lauren Boebert voted against healthcare for veterans who were exposed to the toxic burn pits,” veteran George Autobee said in the political ad. There is a digital and radio ad that Boebert has paid for with taxpayer funds that appears to push back. “Don’t believe the lies you are hearing about Congresswoman Boebert and veterans,” veteran Richard Hathorne said in an ad that ends with an odd disclaimer. 
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After a close race last November, Adam Frisch has his eyes set on 2024 
Despite the loss, Frisch is still fired up by the results — and he’s back on the campaign trail already in his signature “Beat Boebert Buggy,” along with his son, “bodyguard” and field director Felix. Over the last campaign cycle, the two put around 25,000 miles on Frisch’s car driving around the district, and he’s starting to make the rounds again with his sights set on winning in 2024. “We expect this to be one of the top-focused races in the country,” said Frisch, who visited with the Daily Press  this week.
Who’s running to compete against Lauren Boebert in Colorado District 3 in the 2024 elections? 
Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s razor-thin victory in 2022 — just 546 votes  — surprised many people. In a district that should have a +9 Republican advantage, it also left many thinking she could be beatable in 2024. The hard right congresswoman got a lot of coverage in her first term — more for her behavior than her legislative record, which may have helped with the MAGA wing of the party, but could leave her vulnerable with more moderate Republicans, as well as the unaffiliated voters in the district. More than a year out from the election, she’s already attracted multiple primary challengers. And there are a number of Democrats and third-party candidates who have also announced they’re running for the seat. 
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From Sound of Freedom to Ron DeSantis: how QAnon’s crazy conspiracy theories went mainstream 
Even as many conspiracists shifted the narrative to stolen elections and the Covid-19 pandemic, the belief persisted. A February 2022 poll found that even though it had been over a year since Q had communicated, the number of believers in the conspiracy was holding steady at 16% of Americans – which is over 40 million people. The poll found that the best predictor of QAnon beliefs came from which news source an individual trusted most – those who trusted far-right sources, including One America News and Newsmax (and, to a lesser extent, Fox News) were far more likely to believe in QAnon than others. Two sitting members of the House of Representatives – Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert – posted QAnon content to their social media accounts before being elected.
Colorado Libertarians release long list of pledges for pact with state Republicans 
In June, Goodman told 9NEWS that Congresswoman Lauren Boebert might not fit the qualifications. “Is Lauren Boebert a strong liberty candidate? That is to be determined. I don’t necessarily think that Lauren Boebert… is a strong liberty candidate in my opinion,” she said. Boebert won by just 546 votes last year without a Libertarian in the race. Recently, a Libertarian registered to run against Boebert. He’s a perennial candidate and cannabis activist.
Lauren Boebert viciously attacked Rachel Levine for something Boebert didn’t even understand 
Yet another Republican files articles of impeachment against President Biden 
House Republicans attack Biden for trying to cut carbon pollution 
Marjorie Taylor Greene floats a bid for Senate — unless Trump needs a running mate 
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Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert hosts ‘fireside chat’ in Fruita 

Boebert Watch News Digest 8/11/2023

Boebert Watch is a weekly news clips service focused solely on Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado delivered to subscribers to the PNC Daily News Digest. To subscribe to the Daily News Digest, click here. To subscribe to Boebert Watch clips only, click here.

Biden asks Congress for $40B for Ukraine aid, U.S. disaster response, border security 
The first opportunity for Congress to provide additional aid will likely be the end of September, when U.S. lawmakers must pass a government funding bill, or begin a partial shutdown on Oct. 1 when the next fiscal year begins. Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, will have to decide before then if he is going to back the request and move it through the chamber, or reject the supplemental spending proposal. Seventy members of the House GOP, including Lauren Boebert of Colorado, voted just last month to prohibit additional security assistance for Ukraine. The show of opposition from nearly one-third of House Republicans was in response to an amendment from Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz that wasn’t added to the annual defense policy bill following a 70-358 vote.
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Biden bashes Boebert for opposing bill that backed CS Wind expansion in Pueblo 
President Joe Biden doesn’t mention Pueblo’s representative in Congress — or developments in Pueblo — every day. But he directly called out Rep. Lauren Boebert and mentioned a recent major investment into a Pueblo wind turbine manufacturing facility during a Wednesday speech near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Biden said that CS Wind, a Korean company, recently started construction on what will be the world’s largest turbine manufacturing facility.
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Group knocks Boebert over PACT Act opposition 
A liberal-leaning nonprofit group is knocking Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) over her opposition to a bill that provides increased health care benefits for some veterans on the anniversary of its passage. Rocky Mountain Values released an advertisement Thursday featuring a Marine Corps veteran from Colorado discussing Boebert’s vote against the PACT Act, which expanded benefits for millions of veterans in the post-9/11 era who were exposed to toxic burn pits and are suffering illnesses as a result. The veteran notes that Boebert was criticized by her Democratic opponent for reelection last year, Adam Frisch, for opposing a wide range of other bills on veterans’ issues after she promoted her support for a few pieces of veterans legislation.
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Rep. Lauren Boebert visits La Plata County 
In a jab at Sen. Michael Bennet, the congresswoman appeared to confuse wildfire mitigation, which refers to preemptive treatments that reduce the impact of fire, with wildfire suppression, which refers to containing fires after they have started. “He has a lot of funding going towards fire mitigation, and I want to start before that,” she said. “I don’t want to be reactionary. Obviously we’re there, we have to mitigate these fires, but we need to be proactive and manage our forests before it gets to a catastrophic wildfire.”
Once Rare, Impeachments and Censures Have Become the Norm in Congress 
Representative Lauren Boebert, a far-right firebrand from Colorado, essentially sought to have Mr. Biden impeached in June without so much as an investigation. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, another far-right Republican, had earlier filed her own articles of impeachment against the president. After sidestepping Ms. Boebert, House Republicans are now conducting what they characterize as an “inquiry” into a potential impeachment, one that is likely to gain steam in the G.O.P. backlash to the new indictment. And it is not just Mr. Biden in their sights but other administration officials including the homeland security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, even though there is no chance any would be convicted in the Democratic-controlled Senate.
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Montana elected officials raise concerns on funding for hunter ed 
“This move by President Biden’s administration undermines the heritage of sportsmanship that is an important part of our way of life here in Montana and communities across the United States,” Daines, who voted against the law, said in a statement. “I hope they reverse this radical, unfair decision.” Rep. Matt Rosendale, who represents Montana’s eastern district, signed onto a letter with Reps. Lauren Boebert, R-CO, and Mary Miller, R-IL, calling the interpretation a misunderstanding of the “legislation in order to advance a progressive agenda at the expense of Montanans and their way of life.”
Tough sledding for proposal targeting Trump investigator 
Oversight Committee threatens to subpoena Biden officials on work-from-home policies 
Amid Trump’s latest feud with D.C., other Republicans echo anti-Washington mantra 
Congressional incivility escalating, experts warn, but some lawmakers looking for solutions 

Lauren Boebert Posted A Photo Of Herself Launching Grenades After Complaining About The Price Of Groceries 
Lauren Boebert roundly mocked for saying Al Sharpton needs to read a history book 
Joe Exotic appeals to Trump, Boebert to help with campaign troubles 
Debate over allowing non-citizens to become police officers 
Lauren Boebert Challenger Adam Frisch Believes There Are 2 Ways to Beat Her 
Grand Junction’s mayor says she’s the one who can unseat Rep. Lauren Boebert 

Boebert Watch News Digest 8/5/2023

Boebert Watch is a weekly news clips service focused solely on Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado delivered to subscribers to the PNC Daily News Digest. To subscribe to the Daily News Digest, click here. To subscribe to Boebert Watch clips only, click here.

How Colorado’s federal lawmakers reacted to Jan. 6 committee issuing criminal referrals against former President Donald Trump 
Former President Donald Trump should face criminal charges over the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, the U.S. House of Representatives panel investigating said Monday. The recommendation, made to the Department of Justice at the panel’s final meeting, does not guarantee Trump will face charges. But it is a historic recommendation by the bipartisan panel. The recommended charges include aiding an insurrection, conspiracy to make a false statement for the scheme to put forward fake electors, conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstructing an official proceeding. The panel also recommended lawyer John Eastman, a former visiting scholar of conservative thought and policy at the University of Colorado Boulder, face the latter two charges.
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RELATED: Trump indictment gets mixed reaction from Colorado lawmakers 
RELATED: Lauren Boebert says she is ‘really excited’ about the indictment of Donald Trump ‘because it means he will win’ in 2024 
“I’m excited to be home” Congresswoman Lauren Boebert discusses national, local issues 
An outspoken member of Congress’s rightwing Freedom Caucus, Boebert has often found herself in the national spotlight — delving into contentious culture-war issues, offering full-throated defenses of Donald Trump, shrugging off the separation of church and state. Though she actively courts such attention, the representative said it can be frustrating when the press only focuses on what she described as the “shiny things,” rather than the “actual work” she’s doing in Congress. Early on in the Daily Press interview, the absence of one such shiny thing was noted: Boebert hasn’t been seen as often lately with a gun on her hip — a staple aesthetic of her first term in office. “It would be a shame to assume I’m unarmed,” Boebert assured.
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Drilled Dry: Boebert Pushes Gas Projects, Which Suck Millions of Gallons of Water From Her District 
The above quote was taken from the website of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). Though the Silt congresswoman might be best known for her string of controversial antics – recently including introducing a measure to impeach President Joe Biden to the disapproval of many fellow Republicans – Boebert also presents herself as a champion for her constituents in rural Colorado. Boebert’s district in particular is one where water is a pressing concern. “I am a strong advocate for protecting local communities’ water rights and keeping our water in the Third District,” her website reads. Boebert has not been idle on the issue, either. She successfully added millions of dollars in funding for water conservation projects in the 2023 House Appropriations bill, though she later went on to vote against the package. In a press release this month, she claimed millions more in Appropriations funding for various water projects in her district, though the bill has not gone to a vote on the House floor yet.
More than 100 advocacy groups urge Congress to denounce anti-immigrant rhetoric 
“When elected officials amplify dangerous rhetoric like the white nationalist invasion and replacement conspiracy theories, they create a climate that fosters political violence,” Vanessa Cardenas, the executive director of America’s Voice Education Fund, said on a Wednesday call with reporters. Cardenas said that America’s Voice, an immigration advocacy group, found 34 lawmakers this Congress have amplified that theory. She added that seven pieces of legislation have been introduced that also invoke the “invasion” theory. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Silt, who has regularly voiced replacement rhetoric, is prominent among those lawmakers.
Rocky Mountain Values issues open letter criticizing Rep. Lauren Boebert 
If you visit the Rocky Mountain Values website, it’s pretty clear how important health care coverage is to the organization. Sitting front-and-center on the home page is a call-to-action to protect Coloradans access to Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Today, the organization says that it took its message directly to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert by dropping off a letter at her district offices. The message? “Stop trying to gut Medicare.” The letter criticizes Boebert’s support of the Republican Study Committee’s budget, which critics said would potentially cut off tens of millions of Americans from health care. The organization also targeted Boebert for her voting record on the Inflation Reduction Act and the national debt, claiming that the congresswoman’s position aligned with major drug companies seeking to drive medication costs up and accused her of using the threat of economic crisis as a bargaining chip.

Lauren Boebert Hails Joe Biden Keeping Space Command in Colorado 
House Republican seeks to abolish congressional DEI office in new resolution 
Colorado lands another $100 million in federal funding for Arkansas Valley Conduit 
Pueblo County likely to receive $1 million from Congress for new boulevard 
Rep. Lauren Boebert awards congressional recognition to Business Incubator Center 
Lauren Boebert Wants to Gut Medicare, Letter From Advocates Says 
Research Finds Scandals Have Less Impact on Politicians Than They Used To 
Women’s safety and the debate over guns 
Illinois will allow some non-citizens to be police. But only those authorized to work and own a gun 
Colorado Republican leadership is set to meet as the party faces deep divisions and a hurting bottom line 
“If the state Republican party wants to make themselves completely irrelevant, that’s probably what they should be doing,” said Republican former state Rep. Don Coram of Montrose of opting out of the primary. He lost to U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert in the GOP primary last year. “If they close the primary and don’t let unaffiliateds participate I think they’re far less likely to take kindly to a candidate that is selected by the extremist wing of the party,” he added. 
Grand Junction’s mayor launches campaign to unseat Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District 
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Colorado politicians might not prefer primaries, but most have weathered them | TRAIL MIX 

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