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How Colorado’s federal lawmakers reacted to Jan. 6 committee issuing criminal referrals against former President Donald Trump 
Former President Donald Trump should face criminal charges over the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, the U.S. House of Representatives panel investigating said Monday. The recommendation, made to the Department of Justice at the panel’s final meeting, does not guarantee Trump will face charges. But it is a historic recommendation by the bipartisan panel. The recommended charges include aiding an insurrection, conspiracy to make a false statement for the scheme to put forward fake electors, conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstructing an official proceeding. The panel also recommended lawyer John Eastman, a former visiting scholar of conservative thought and policy at the University of Colorado Boulder, face the latter two charges.
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“I’m excited to be home” Congresswoman Lauren Boebert discusses national, local issues 
An outspoken member of Congress’s rightwing Freedom Caucus, Boebert has often found herself in the national spotlight — delving into contentious culture-war issues, offering full-throated defenses of Donald Trump, shrugging off the separation of church and state. Though she actively courts such attention, the representative said it can be frustrating when the press only focuses on what she described as the “shiny things,” rather than the “actual work” she’s doing in Congress. Early on in the Daily Press interview, the absence of one such shiny thing was noted: Boebert hasn’t been seen as often lately with a gun on her hip — a staple aesthetic of her first term in office. “It would be a shame to assume I’m unarmed,” Boebert assured.
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Drilled Dry: Boebert Pushes Gas Projects, Which Suck Millions of Gallons of Water From Her District 
The above quote was taken from the website of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). Though the Silt congresswoman might be best known for her string of controversial antics – recently including introducing a measure to impeach President Joe Biden to the disapproval of many fellow Republicans – Boebert also presents herself as a champion for her constituents in rural Colorado. Boebert’s district in particular is one where water is a pressing concern. “I am a strong advocate for protecting local communities’ water rights and keeping our water in the Third District,” her website reads. Boebert has not been idle on the issue, either. She successfully added millions of dollars in funding for water conservation projects in the 2023 House Appropriations bill, though she later went on to vote against the package. In a press release this month, she claimed millions more in Appropriations funding for various water projects in her district, though the bill has not gone to a vote on the House floor yet.
More than 100 advocacy groups urge Congress to denounce anti-immigrant rhetoric 
“When elected officials amplify dangerous rhetoric like the white nationalist invasion and replacement conspiracy theories, they create a climate that fosters political violence,” Vanessa Cardenas, the executive director of America’s Voice Education Fund, said on a Wednesday call with reporters. Cardenas said that America’s Voice, an immigration advocacy group, found 34 lawmakers this Congress have amplified that theory. She added that seven pieces of legislation have been introduced that also invoke the “invasion” theory. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Silt, who has regularly voiced replacement rhetoric, is prominent among those lawmakers.
Rocky Mountain Values issues open letter criticizing Rep. Lauren Boebert 
If you visit the Rocky Mountain Values website, it’s pretty clear how important health care coverage is to the organization. Sitting front-and-center on the home page is a call-to-action to protect Coloradans access to Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Today, the organization says that it took its message directly to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert by dropping off a letter at her district offices. The message? “Stop trying to gut Medicare.” The letter criticizes Boebert’s support of the Republican Study Committee’s budget, which critics said would potentially cut off tens of millions of Americans from health care. The organization also targeted Boebert for her voting record on the Inflation Reduction Act and the national debt, claiming that the congresswoman’s position aligned with major drug companies seeking to drive medication costs up and accused her of using the threat of economic crisis as a bargaining chip.

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Women’s safety and the debate over guns 
Illinois will allow some non-citizens to be police. But only those authorized to work and own a gun 
Colorado Republican leadership is set to meet as the party faces deep divisions and a hurting bottom line 
“If the state Republican party wants to make themselves completely irrelevant, that’s probably what they should be doing,” said Republican former state Rep. Don Coram of Montrose of opting out of the primary. He lost to U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert in the GOP primary last year. “If they close the primary and don’t let unaffiliateds participate I think they’re far less likely to take kindly to a candidate that is selected by the extremist wing of the party,” he added. 
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