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Democrat Adam Frisch leads against Rep. Lauren Boebert in poll for 2024 race 
The poll, conducted this month by Keating Research among 801 3rd Congressional District residents likely to vote next year, shows Frisch with a 50% to 48% lead. Because the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%, president and founder Chris Keating conceded that the results signify, for all intents and purposes, a tie. But the trajectory for Frisch, Keating said, is going the right way. In an October 2022 poll the firm conducted on last November’s race, it was Boebert who held the 2% lead. She ended up defeating Frisch by fewer than 600 votes — a margin so thin it triggered an automatic recount.
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Belligerence and hostility: Trump’s mugshot defines modern US politics 
The former president’s supporters are already embracing the booking photo as a badge of honour and defiance. It will be held up as evidence that their man will not give up the fight against a system his followers see as ever more determined to bring him down and prevent him returning to the White House. Far-right congresswoman Lauren Boebert led the way with a tweet proclaiming: “Not all heroes wear capes.” The president’s detractors, on the other hand, will see the booking photo as evidence that even a man who was once the most powerful person in the land cannot escape the might of the justice system. Some will welcome anything that makes him look even a little bit more criminal as a confirmation that sooner or later he is going to prison. The accused may be presumed innocent until a plea or a jury says otherwise but mugshots can have a way of conveying guilt.
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Boebert Defends Trump’s Decision Not To Debate: ‘I Think That He Weighed This And Likely Chose Wisely’ 
U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) told a right-wing radio host Friday that she respects Trump’s decision not to participate in Wednesday’s GOP presidential primary debate in Milwaukee. “You know, President Trump is a smart man, and I certainly stand by whatever decision he makes to do this,” Boebert told KHOW’s Dan Caplis. “People know what he has to say. He’s an effective communicator to the American people. He’s always been successful at that. That is why so many people have tried to silence and censor what he has to say, because he does that excellently to get that message out to the American people. … So I respect his decision. He’s a smart man. I think that he weighed this and likely chose wisely.” Caplis disagreed with Boebert on air, saying. “I just really think he needs to do it.”
Neither Lauren Boebert nor Republican primary challenger plans to sign Libertarians’ pledge 
State Libertarians agreed earlier this summer to refrain from nominating candidates in races they might “spoil” by pulling votes from Republicans — if the Republican nominees meet the minor political party’s standards. Under an unprecedented agreement negotiated between Colorado GOP Chairman Dave Williams and his Libertarian counterpart, Hannah Goodman, the Libertarians last week released lengthy pledges for federal and state candidates to sign. “Together we can break the stranglehold of Democrats’ one-party rule over Colorado,” the state Libertarians’ governing board said in a social media post announcing the pledges, which each include more than a dozen positions ranging from opposing U.S. military aid to Ukraine to supporting the right of Coloradans to drink raw milk.
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No Sparks Fly Among CO Politicians on Panel at Water Conference 
Colorado Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet, both Democrats, and U.S. Representatives Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Joe Neguse (D-CO), all but held hands Wednesday to sing Kumbaya about Colorado water issues and solutions. The politicians attended the Colorado Water Congress’ 2023 Summer Conference at the Steamboat Grande in Steamboat Springs. There wasn’t a word of disagreement among the senators and representatives – despite the presence of Republican firebrand Boebert, who has consistently downplayed the threat of climate change and blocked efforts to address it. Everyone emphasized the value of communication and cooperation to protect Colorado water, agriculture, and forestry.
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McCarthy says House could launch impeachment inquiry as soon as next month 
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