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Boebert Watch News Digest 5/19/2023

Boebert Watch is a weekly news clips service focused solely on Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado delivered to subscribers to the PNC Daily News Digest. To subscribe to the Daily News Digest, click here. To subscribe to Boebert Watch clips only, click here.

Sen. John Hickenlooper: Which of these projects is corrupt, Rep. Boebert? 
Is funding for a rural clinic in Palisade corrupt? How about an affordable housing project in Rifle? Or a wastewater emergency generator in Craig? Which of these is evidence that Congress is trying to “buy votes and waste taxpayer money?” Rep. Lauren Boebert recently announced in this paper that she had reconsidered and now supports Congressionally Directed Spending, or earmarks as they’re sometimes known. She defended this change of heart by saying that she helped “fix” the process by stripping out “corrupt, vote-buying behavior” that supposedly marred the program over the past two years. (That didn’t stop her from taking credit for these projects once they were passed into law without her support.)
Boebert offers bill to repeal bipartisan gun control measures 
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has introduced a bill to repeal bipartisan gun control measures passed by the last Congress. Boebert’s proposed bill, the Shall Not Be Infringed Act, would “repeal the gun control provisions and every Second Amendment infringement” that was passed and by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Biden. That includes the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the 2023 Omnibus Appropriations bill, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2023, and the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, according to the bill.
Boebert Promotes “Globalist” Conspiracy at Rally Opposing World Health Organization 
Congresswoman Boebert joined many of her Freedom Caucus colleagues in a full-blown “globalist” conspiracy press conference yesterday. In addition to a dozen or so members of Congress, the “Exit the WHO [World Health Organization]” event at the Capitol featured organizer Frank Gaffney, a notorious Islamophobe whose Center for Security Policy is an anti-Muslim hate group. Gaffney and the lawmakers, including Boebert, made numerous unsubstantiated claims, from the World Health Organization being controlled by China, to blaming it for the COVID pandemic, to claiming it is the vehicle for a plot to force all nations under a single worldwide government.
Boebert Promotes Seth Rich Conspiracy Via News Site Owned By Alex Jones, Who Claimed Sandy Hook Massacre Never Happened 
U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) continued her pattern of retweeting discredited news outlets, retweeting a link this morning from National File, a site founded by Alex Jones to circumvent Facebook’s 2019 ban of Infowars, which is Jones’ better-known propaganda site. In 2012, Jones falsely claimed the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre was a government ploy to take guns from Americans and never actually happened. Courts awarded families of children who died in the school shooting a total of about $1.4 billion. Jones has hid his assets and declared bankruptcy in an effort to avoid paying the families.
‘Go woke, go broke’: Lauren Boebert joins Ron DeSantis in punishing Disney for opposing ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill 
There are some kids who grow up supporting the Injustice League over Batman, Wonder Woman and co., and it turns out these people often end up as Republican politicians. So, it’s no surprise that Lauren Boebert, congresswoman and wife of a noted sex offender, has joined the Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, in his crusade to erase the existence of LGBTQ+ people, all while also pissing off one of the biggest and most beloved corporations in his state. In a recent statement (via Newsweek), Boebert has taken a direct aim at Disney by supporting a bill that would scrap the two no-fly zones that the company has over their amusement parks as “woke corporations shouldn’t get any favors from the government.”
Boebert Shows She Doesn’t Know How Days Of The Week Work With Mind-Numbing Tweet 
Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert has once again found herself at the center of a debate, this time concerning a tweet she wrote that betrayed her understanding of mathematics and data analytics. The tweet in question focused on Title 42, a pandemic-related public health measure implemented during the Trump era to restrict the entry of migrants at the Mexican border. As the measure expired on May 11, concerns arose regarding a potential surge in attempted border crossings into the United States.
Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert Attempted To Shame John Fetterman’s ‘Unbecoming’ Congressional Hoodie And Received Some Swift Comeuppance 
Lauren Boebert whines Trump’s postmaster ignored her: ‘I reached out to you and was denied a meeting’ 
DC mayor spars with Boebert, GOP lawmakers over crime 
Even now, Republicans keep forgetting who was president in 2020 
Lauren Boebert rages against trans people in Mother’s Day message 
Boebert accused of breaking campaign finance laws 
GOP Rep Clay Higgins filmed shoving activist who questioned Lauren Boebert’s divorce 
Republican Congressman Clay Higgins yanked and shoved an activist who he claimed was mentally disturbed during a press conference outside the US Capitol. Jake Burdett, an activist with leftist political views, was filming and asking questions of the GOP lawmakers present when a man in a suit approached him. The moment, which is captured in Mr Burdett’s footage, shows the man in the suit — Mr Higgins — walking up, introducing himself, and telling the activist to back off and that he will answer his questions after the conference. “All I’m asking you to do is just peacefully stand by with your camera and I promise you—look at me—I’ll come talk to you straight up and answer all your questions. Fair enough?” Mr Higgins asks.
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Lauren Boebert files for divorce from husband 
U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is divorcing her husband, Jayson Boebert, who has shared a portion of the congresswoman’s spotlight and controversy during her time in politics. Boebert, of Silt, announced the impending divorce Tuesday “with a heavy weight on my heart.” “I am grateful for our years of marriage together and for our beautiful children,” Boebert said in a statement, asking for privacy. “I’ve always been faithful in my marriage, and I believe strongly in marriage, which makes this announcement that much more difficult.”
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RELATED: Rep. Lauren Boebert files for divorce from husband 
RELATED: Lauren Boebert files for divorce from husband 
RELATED: Boebert files for divorce 
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Boebert Watch News Digest 5/12/2023

Boebert Watch is a weekly news clips service focused solely on Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado delivered to subscribers to the PNC Daily News Digest. To subscribe to the Daily News Digest, click here. To subscribe to Boebert Watch clips only, click here.

Complaint alleges Lauren Boebert misused campaign money ahead of 2022 election 
U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert faces allegations that she misspent campaign funds, this time ahead of the 2022 election. Boebert is accused of exceeding campaign finance limits or improperly reporting nearly $60,000 spent on campaign calls and texts, potentially in support of her own reelection campaign, which she narrowly won against Democratic challenger Adam Frisch. In short, the complaint – filed this month by End Citizens United, a left-leaning political action committee – claims that Boebert either used her own political action committee’s money to benefit her reelection campaign, exceeding federal spending limits more than ten times over, or that she used that money to influence a different campaign and failed to report the spending appropriately.
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Lauren Boebert Joins Ron DeSantis’ Fight Against Disney 
Lauren Boebert has joined a battle Republican lawmakers are waging against Disney, adding her support to a bill that would scrap two no-fly zones over the entertainment company’s amusement parks. The GOP representative for Colorado was among the seven original cosponsors of HR 3109, which would direct the Secretary of Transportation to rescind the exclusionary zones in the airspace above Disneyland in California and Disneyworld in Florida. In a statement, Boebert said: “Woke corporations shouldn’t get any favors from the government.”
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Lauren Boebert Defends Tucker Carlson’s Leaked ‘Women’s Bathroom’ Comments 
Lauren Boebert has defended Tucker Carlson after footage was leaked showing the former Fox News host asking a makeup lady whether “pillow fights” ever break out in the women’s bathroom. The video emerged after Fox News announced it had “agreed to part ways” with Carlson, arguably the network’s biggest star, on April 24. There is intense speculation over what Carlson will do next, with some suggesting he could launch his own online show or even run for the presidency.
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Most vulnerable House list runs through New York, California 
CQ Roll Call’s ranking will likely shift over the next 18 months, reflecting just how tumultuous the 2024 election cycle promises to be. At least three seats held by Democrats in North Carolina are likely to be in play after the Republican-controlled legislature redraws the district map after winning court permission to do so. Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur could face a similar fate. Colorado’s 3rd District, where Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert beat Democrat Adam Frisch by 546 votes in 2022, is also worth watching to see if Boebert is better prepared to take on Frisch in a rematch. And if Republicans figure out how to unify in a state that uses ranked-choice voting for the top four vote-getters, Alaska’s at-large representative, Democrat Mary Peltola, could also be at risk.
‘Enjoy cruelty to others’: GOP women accused of abandoning kindness to get ahead 
Salon’s Amanda Marcotte took up the question of why so many female GOP lawmakers have gone along with voting on Republican-sponsored bills that seek to curtail human rights. With members of the House like Reps. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) becoming the female face of the party, the male wing has been provided cover as the women toe the line — and sometimes take the lead — on some of the Republican party’s most restrictive measures.
‘Trust the science’ on wolves, says Lauren Boebert 
A bill sponsored by U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert would usurp the authority of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and delist the gray wolf as an endangered species. H.R. 764, known as the “Trust the Science Act,” would reinstate a Trump-era rule that removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list. Wolves were first federally protected in the late 1960s, and the gray wolf itself was reclassified as its own endangered species in 1978. Since 2011, the species’ status has been in flux as policymakers and wolf advocates on both sides have clashed over whether to maintain stringent protections or loosen protection for the gray wolf. In 2020, the FWS issued a final rule delisting the species, but the rule was overturned, reinstating their endangered status, in early 2022.
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Can the Dolores River be saved? 
So, for over a decade, stakeholders have been trying to figure out a way to protect the watershed without hurting irrigators. That effort culminated last year when Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., introduced legislation that would designate a national conservation area on 60 miles of the Dolores below McPhee Dam. He and a fellow Colorado Democrat, Sen. John Hickenlooper, recently reintroduced the bill. And, in a surprising demonstration of how broad-based support for the bill is, Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican not exactly known for conservation-minded policies, is also backing the legislation by reintroducing an identical House version.
Constituent Asks Rep. Lauren Boebert If Her Gun Idea Is A ‘Cruel Joke’ 
Extremist Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-Colo.) co-sponsoring of a bill to lionize the AR-15 rifle as America’s “national gun” was the subject of a scathing letter to The Denver Post this week. “Is this a cruel joke?” asked Boebert constituent Andy Wiessner, who noted the firearm’s use in many mass shootings. The letter denounced the rifle as a “weapon of war” that uses bullets “designed to tear human flesh to pieces by ‘yawing,’ tumbling or fragmenting in the body, thereby causing maximum internal bleeding and tissue damage.”
Comer releases Biden family probe update without showing link to president 
‘She should spend the rest of her career in shame’: Lauren Boebert cheers CDC director’s resignation 
Why Lauren Boebert & her ilk are so obsessed wtih LGBTQ+ people 
How a Scrappy Group of Young Moms Transformed the Way We Think About Teen Pregnancy 
Nor is pop culture through with shaming young parents. When the gun-toting conservative Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert announced that she was becoming a grandmother at 36 because her 17-year-old son had gotten his girlfriend pregnant, stigmatizing remarks aimed at Boebert came from people across the political spectrum. Reading the social media comments, Marylouise Kuti said she had a disturbing immediate impulse to defend Boebert, whose politics she detests. “This has just really reminded me that the work we’ve done has been so impacting and so important, but it is so not over,” Kuti said.

Boebert Watch News Digest 5/5/2023

Boebert Watch is a weekly news clips service focused solely on Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado delivered to subscribers to the PNC Daily News Digest. To subscribe to the Daily News Digest, click here. To subscribe to Boebert Watch clips only, click here.

Colorado lawmakers square off, come under attack as debt ceiling battle intensifies | TRAIL MIX 
A year and a half before the 2024 election, opponents unloaded scathing ad campaigns aimed at the two most vulnerable Colorado House members, U.S. Reps. Lauren Boebert and Yadira Caraveo. The attacks are the latest eruption in the state in an escalating battle over congressional legislation to raise the federal government’s debt limit, with Democrats and Republicans blaming each other for pushing the nation to the brink of an unprecedented, disastrous default the Biden administration is warning could be imminent as soon as the end of the month. Boebert, a Rifle Republican serving her second term, and Caraveo, a Thornton Democrat serving her first term, each won election in November by slim margins and have landed on the opposing parties’ target lists.
RELATED: White House touts illusory ‘VA cuts’ as GOP ducks budget specifics 
Exclusive: Lauren Boebert Accused of Illegally Spending $60k on Campaign 
Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert has been accused of illegally spending $60,000 on campaign calls and texts in the run-up to November’s midterm election. End Citizens United has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) alleging the Republican’s political action committee spent tens of thousands of dollars on so-called “get out the vote” contact calls and texts that were not reported accurately. According to the FEC filing, seen exclusively by Newsweek, Boebert, her campaign Lauren Boebert For Colorado, We The People Leadership PAC and Taylor Moose, her PAC and campaign treasurer, are accused of failing to accurately report communications as independent expenditures or in-kind contributions on their reports filed with the Commission.
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Lauren Boebert Poses with T-Shirt Calling AR-15 ‘Cordless Hole Puncher’ on Same Day as Tx. Mass Shooting 
Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert is being criticized after sharing photos taken at a gun range just hours after five people, including a 9-year-old child, were fatally shot in Texas by a suspect with an assault weapon. One of the photos shows Boebert holding up a shirt that reads: “Since we’re redefining everything, this is a cordless hole puncher,” next to an illustration of an assault weapon. “Thank you, Montrose! It was great to join you at the San Juan Shooting Range,” the Colorado congresswoman wrote on Twitter Saturday, beneath a series of photos taken at the facility.
Congresswoman Boebert’s ‘Trust the Science’ bill passes House committee 
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s bill to delist the gray wolf population passed the House committee. The Trust the Science Act passed the House committee with a 21-16 vote. The bill delisted gray wolves as being a part of the endangered species list. Removing gray wolves from the endangered species list would give local governments more control over how to deal with the population. Currently the gray wolf population is untouchable-once a species is on the endangered list they don’t come off of it without the help of new laws.
Rep. Boebert in Monte Vista: ‘A line in the sand’ 
The congresswoman addressed transgender individuals, saying she was “very inspired that the country would come back from this” because, in looking at the crowd, “there is not one man that I see whose lips are the same color of red as mine and wearing a dress and heels, and that must mean they are not serving Bud Light,” referencing the backlash against Bud Light for featuring Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender actress, and influencer in an ad on social media. That drew a big laugh from the crowd. “We have folks who are trying to censor you, take away your free speech, and now we see Dylan Mulvaney saying it should be illegal to call him a man. Well, sir, your 5 o’clock shadow says otherwise,” she continued.
Lauren Boebert rages at the US Navy for supporting drag queen sailor 
Stephen King Has 1 Simple Demand For Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene 
Republicans unleash effort making it easier to fire federal bureaucrats 
Boebert bill seeks to speed up county purchase of federal parcel 
Military spouse finally secures medical records months after petitioning the VA 
Conservation momentum surges for southwest Colorado’s Dolores River as record flows draw rafters 
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert talks energy, bills and birds in Pueblo 
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Trans lawmaker Brianna Titone tried not to stand out. Then a gunman killed 5 at Club Q. 
Titone won a third term in 2022 by more than 8,000 votes, but she knew her success had coincided with a dark chapter for trans people. Over the previous two years, conservative lawmakers had introduced about 280 anti-trans bills nationwide. (In 2023, they would file more than 400.) Colorado hadn’t passed any anti-LGBTQ bills, but one of its representatives in the federal house, Lauren Boebert (R), regularly criticized drag queens, and she called trans women “groomers” and “transvestites.” Titone told herself to keep reaching out to Republicans, but three weeks after the 2022 election, a gunman killed five people at a Colorado Springs gay bar.
“Good riddance”: GOP lawmakers’ private glee at Tucker Carlson firing 
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Lauren Boebert’s Son Allowed to Appear in Court Virtually Despite Bench Warrant for Prior No-Show 

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