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Rocky Mountain Values hosts protest against Lauren Boebert ahead of possible government shutdown 
The protest, hosted by Rocky Mountain Values and supported by Indivisible Durango, was originally scheduled to take place at the Sky Ute Casino in Ignacio where Boebert was scheduled to attend the La Plata County Republicans’ annual Lincoln Day Dinner. But the Southern Ute Tribe contacted Rocky Mountain Values and asked the group to respect the tribe’s sovereignty, Harrison Wendt, a Durango activist, said. “We decided that was totally a valid request and we want to respect sovereignty and not protest on their land,” he said. Boebert and U.S. Rep Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who was slated to make a guest appearance at the Lincoln Day Dinner, decided to skip the major fundraiser, Wendt said.
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Anti-Republican group asks for ethics investigation into Boebert after ‘Beetlejuice’ incident 
A Washington, D.C.-based anti-Republican group has asked the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate Rep. Lauren Boebert’s actions during a performance of “Beetlejuice” in Denver. The Congressional Integrity Project said Boebert behaved “in blatant disregard of the Rules of the House of Representatives” during the incident. According to its website, the Congressional Integrity Project “is committed to exposing the reality behind Republicans’ politically motivated oversight and investigations targeting President Biden and Democrats.”
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Lauren Boebert draws Libertarian challenger in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District 
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Rep. Lauren Boebert rents an apartment from an executive for Koch-backed group 
Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert rents a Washington, DC, apartment from a top official for the right-wing advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, according to the Colorado congresswoman’s office and to records reviewed by Insider. Americans for Prosperity is a key part of the conservative influence network originally funded by the oil-billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. After David Koch’s passing, the network has continued to remain active in conservative causes. The official, who Insider is not naming for security reasons, has been a senior executive with Koch-linked groups for years. He owns a $1.3 million row house in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with his wife, and they rent out the lowest floor as a one-bedroom garden apartment.