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Lauren Boebert mocked for promoting visit to Rico fire department amid Trump Rico charges 
Social media users mocked Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) for her appearance at a Rico fire department amid former president Donald Trump being charged in Georgia under a law that shares the same likeness. The right-wing firebrand congresswoman posted images of her visit to the Rico Fire Protection District in her district. “Honored to spend time with firefighters from the Rico Fire Protection District – true heroes dedicated to keeping our community safe,” she posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Their bravery and commitment are truly remarkable. Grateful for their sacrifice and service!”
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Lauren Boebert slammed for attacking Biden over Maui wildfires 
Lauren Boebert has been slammed after she criticised President Joe Biden for his handling of the Maui wildfires. “There is a total crisis in Maui,” she wrote on social media on Sunday afternoon. “3000 destroyed homes. 80 people dead. Where’s Joe Biden? On vacation of course. There is no bottom for this president.” Mr Biden was at his Delaware beach house for the weekend after having approved a major disaster declaration on Thursday. He said, “Every asset that we have will be available to” those affected in Hawaii.
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Loophole allows Boebert to blast back against attack ad 
An ad paid for by Rocky Mountain Values, which is a group trying to unseat Boebert, attacks the Congresswoman about veteran-related health care. “There’s one thing that sticks with you from serving is you leave no one behind. But Lauren Boebert voted against healthcare for veterans who were exposed to the toxic burn pits,” veteran George Autobee said in the political ad. There is a digital and radio ad that Boebert has paid for with taxpayer funds that appears to push back. “Don’t believe the lies you are hearing about Congresswoman Boebert and veterans,” veteran Richard Hathorne said in an ad that ends with an odd disclaimer. 
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After a close race last November, Adam Frisch has his eyes set on 2024 
Despite the loss, Frisch is still fired up by the results — and he’s back on the campaign trail already in his signature “Beat Boebert Buggy,” along with his son, “bodyguard” and field director Felix. Over the last campaign cycle, the two put around 25,000 miles on Frisch’s car driving around the district, and he’s starting to make the rounds again with his sights set on winning in 2024. “We expect this to be one of the top-focused races in the country,” said Frisch, who visited with the Daily Press  this week.
Who’s running to compete against Lauren Boebert in Colorado District 3 in the 2024 elections? 
Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s razor-thin victory in 2022 — just 546 votes  — surprised many people. In a district that should have a +9 Republican advantage, it also left many thinking she could be beatable in 2024. The hard right congresswoman got a lot of coverage in her first term — more for her behavior than her legislative record, which may have helped with the MAGA wing of the party, but could leave her vulnerable with more moderate Republicans, as well as the unaffiliated voters in the district. More than a year out from the election, she’s already attracted multiple primary challengers. And there are a number of Democrats and third-party candidates who have also announced they’re running for the seat. 
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From Sound of Freedom to Ron DeSantis: how QAnon’s crazy conspiracy theories went mainstream 
Even as many conspiracists shifted the narrative to stolen elections and the Covid-19 pandemic, the belief persisted. A February 2022 poll found that even though it had been over a year since Q had communicated, the number of believers in the conspiracy was holding steady at 16% of Americans – which is over 40 million people. The poll found that the best predictor of QAnon beliefs came from which news source an individual trusted most – those who trusted far-right sources, including One America News and Newsmax (and, to a lesser extent, Fox News) were far more likely to believe in QAnon than others. Two sitting members of the House of Representatives – Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert – posted QAnon content to their social media accounts before being elected.
Colorado Libertarians release long list of pledges for pact with state Republicans 
In June, Goodman told 9NEWS that Congresswoman Lauren Boebert might not fit the qualifications. “Is Lauren Boebert a strong liberty candidate? That is to be determined. I don’t necessarily think that Lauren Boebert… is a strong liberty candidate in my opinion,” she said. Boebert won by just 546 votes last year without a Libertarian in the race. Recently, a Libertarian registered to run against Boebert. He’s a perennial candidate and cannabis activist.
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Marjorie Taylor Greene floats a bid for Senate — unless Trump needs a running mate 
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