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U.S. House conservatives balk at short-term funding patch that would avert shutdown 
Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican, said the group is not interested in a stopgap spending bill that “continues the policies and the spending of the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi era and we’re not going to vote for it.” “The power of the purse is in the legislature. The way you stop all this craziness of the Biden administration — the tyranny of the Biden administration — is to stop giving them money,” Perry said during a press conference just outside the Capitol building. The caucus does not disclose its membership numbers, but nine House members spoke at a press conference outside the Capitol. GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado was also in attendance.
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House GOP Launching Impeachment Inquiry Into Joe Biden, McCarthy Says 
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) instructed House committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden on Tuesday, following a long-running probe into Biden’s family—as McCarthy faces demands from hard-right Republicans for an impeachment vote and wrangles his caucus to avert a government shutdown. McCarthy said Tuesday he has instructed the House Judiciary, Oversight and Ways and Means committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into Biden, citing evidence the House has gathered in its investigations into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and whether the president used his influence to financially benefit his son.
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Truth Test: Debunking Boebert’s claim about migrants and government money 
Denver’s migrant population has grown to the highest it has been since late May. With the arrival of 82 more today, there are 1,079 in shelters. Denver has served 17,235 since December. Migrants receive help from private groups and government agencies, but they are not getting thousands of dollars each month from the government as Republican Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert claimed to her millions of followers on social media.
Lauren Boebert leads GOP lawmakers sharing 9/11 anniversary tributes despite voting against aid for families 
Despite being one of only 30 House Republicans to vote against legislation last year that promised to give aid to families who lost a loved one in the September 11 attacks, Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert posted a 9/11 tribute on social media. “In my heart, I carry the memories of those we lost, the heroes who emerged, and the strength of a nation. We will never forget,” Ms Boebert wrote on the 22nd anniversary of the tragic day. Last year, however, she voted against the Fairness for 9/11 Families Act.
Federal fish conservation programs have found success in Western Colorado, but they’re swimming upstream in Congress this year 
Greene: ‘I’m not a member of the burn-it-all-down caucus anymore’ 
Boebert, caught on video, apologizes for inappropriate behavior at ‘Beetlejuice’ show 
Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert apologized after she and a male companion were ushered out of a production of “Beetlejuice” in Denver last weekend for disrupting the show. Boebert had denied acting inappropriately until surveillance video surfaced showing her disrupting the performance. An incident report said she and her companion were admonished by staff for “vaping, singing, [and] causing a disturbance.” “There’s no perfect blueprint for going through a public and difficult divorce, which over the past few months has made for a challenging personal time for me and my entire family,” the Republican congressmember wrote on social media Friday night. “I’ve tried to handle it with strength and grace as best I can, but I simply fell short of my values on Sunday. That’s unacceptable and I’m sorry.”
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Lauren Boebert ditches the MAGA thing in Colorado 
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Lauren Boebert’s divorce is likely to be finalized next month, and it’s unclear if her husband is cooperating