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Donald Trump Jr. and Lauren Boebert headline Pueblo GOP event 
Trump Jr. declined to speak with local media who covered the event, but said the press does not do enough digging into Hunter Biden. He implied other countries have dirt on Biden. “If we had journalists — if we had media that were something other than regime propagandists, if they were something other than the marketing arm of the Democratic Party — you’d say, ‘Hey, Joe Biden, do you think you’re making this decision because China has some other stuff on Hunter’? Trump Jr. criticized the Pentagon for sending billions of dollars of aid to Ukraine. He also said that hiring a drag queen to market for the U.S. Navy is hurting recruitment efforts.
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‘Not what it was’: House Freedom Caucus wrestles with its future amid split over tactics and Trump 
When a band of House Freedom Caucus members met last month to strategize over how to hold GOP leadership accountable for the bipartisan debt ceiling deal, not everyone from the far-right group was invited. Around a half dozen hardliners opted to hold a secret strategy session, where they hashed out a game plan to tank a key procedural vote in retaliation for their demands being ignored in the debt limit fight, according to a source involved in the effort. Normally, this type of plotting would have played out in one of the weekly Freedom Caucus meetings. But side sessions and private discussions among a small bloc of rebellious lawmakers have become more common and even necessary, some members say, after months of internal disagreements over tactics, policies and allegiances to their party’s leadership have fomented distrust within the group’s ranks.
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McCarthy faces challenge of passing defense bill after series of contentious amendments are added 
The House also passed an amendment that would bar a health care program for service members from covering hormone treatments for transgender individuals and gender confirmation surgeries. Colorado conservative Rep. Lauren Boebert’s amendment to block military schools from purchasing or having “pornographic and radical gender ideology books” in their libraries also passed. In an overwhelming vote, the House failed to adopt an amendment banning cluster munitions from being sold or transferred to Ukraine. GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia offered the amendment, which failed 147-276.
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Lauren Boebert filed articles of impeachment against Biden. That doesn’t mean he was impeached 
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Boebert seeks to eliminate salaries of some presidential appointees 
Boebert introduces companion bill to Hick-Romney fish measure 
Bennet, Hickenlooper tout Dolores River protections, CORE Act in Senate hearing 
Fast-tracked oil expansion plan in Utah said to threaten Colorado environment 
Secret Service probe ends after cocaine found at the White House 
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Boebert Posed With Polis at Mizel Event Honoring the Governor 
On June 1, Gov. Jared Polis (D-CO) was honored with the Mizel Community Enrichment Award. The annual event honors “deserving individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the community and worked to significantly enhance the lives of others.” Among the event’s numerous attendees was Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO). Boebert has routinely clashed with Polis, having made numerous anti-LGBT statements as well as having called his executive actions during the COVID pandemic “tyranny.” However she and the Governor share a connection to Mizel Institute founder Larry A. Mizel, who has been a major donor to both of them.
‘I love freedom because Jesus’: Lauren Boebert says being a Christian makes her ‘truly’ qualified 
Lauren Boebert whines that “the media” is OK with kids being transgender but not conservative 
Lauren Boebert claims it’s “misogyny” when a Democrat calls her “rancid inside” 
Lauren Boebert Might Be In Hot Water