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Boebert Co-Sponsors Resolution to End U.S. Military Aid to Ukraine 
Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is among a group of nearly a dozen far-right Republicans who have co-sponsored a House resolution that calls for an end of all U.S. military and financial aid to Ukraine. The resolution, which was introduced by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) earlier this month, claims that by providing aid to Ukraine, the U.S. is “inadvertently contributing to civilian casualties.” Tens of thousands of civilians have died and millions more have fled Ukraine since Russia started its full-scale invasion of the country on Feb. 24, 2022.
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Boebert focuses unfortunate attention on Trump’s Covid record 
In August 2020, William Saletan put together a timeline of events for Slate, and in hindsight, it’s tough to read the piece without cringing. On Jan. 10, for example, after Trump received a briefing on developments in Wuhan, he told Fox News: “We have a great relationship with China right now, so I don’t want to speak badly of anyone.” Nearly two weeks later, Trump assured the public that China “is in very good shape” and he was “not at all” concerned about a possible pandemic. When CNBC asked the Republican on Jan. 22, “Do you trust that we’re going to know everything we need to know from China?” Trump responded, “I do. I have a great relationship with President Xi.”
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The 2024 elections may feel far off, but in Colorado’s most contested House districts, they’re already looming 
The next federal election is more than 20 months away, but behind the scenes, political forces are already gearing up for Colorado to be back in the national spotlight. The state’s two marquee races in 2024 will be Republican Lauren Boebert in congressional district 3 and Democrat Yadira Caraveo in congressional district 8, both of whom won by extremely slender margins. Last year, Caraveo beat Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer by 0.7 percent of the vote in the toss-up seat. Boebert won against her Democratic rival, Adam Frish, by 0.2 percent of the vote in a race that on paper favored Republicans by +9, according to the state’s independent redistricting commission. 
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House’s MAGA wing torn over Trump as loyalists eye other 2024 candidates 
To be sure, Trump has his fair share of loyal allies on Capitol Hill. A number of Republicans have already pledged their support to Trump, including Reps. Elise Stefanik of New York, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Lauren Boebert of Colorado. And more are expected to follow suit, especially since Trump has built a lot of goodwill on Capitol Hill through playing in primaries.
Boebert Gets Double Billing at Right-Wing Conference in Washington DC 
Members of Congress won’t be hard to find at this year’s Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), which started yesterday just outside Washington, D.C.: 28 are scheduled to speak, either solo or as a part of a panel discussion. Yet, according to the current agenda, of those nine senators and 19 representatives, only Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has two solo speaking appearances. Both of Boebert’s speeches are scheduled for this Saturday, the final day of the conference and the one that typically features the most prominent speakers. Boebert kicks off CPAC’s last day bright and early with the Women’s Breakfast, hosted by Moms for America (MFA), a conservative Christian mothers advocacy group.
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Big Oil Booster: Boebert Pushes Industry-Backed Effort to Cut Drilling Regulations 
Lauren Boebert, George Santos Co-Sponsor Bill To Make AR-15 The ‘National Gun’ 
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Democrats push to end security exemption on Capitol Hill as Republicans demand the right to carry guns 
Hunter Biden, COVID-19: Why are House Republicans focusing on Twitter, other social media firms? 
Rep. Lauren Boebert’s amendment passes in House 
Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Shooters Grill will be replaced by a Mexican restaurant 
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Secretary of State dismisses allegations of campaign finance violations filed against Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario