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Citing Video Showing Boebert Running To Vote on Debt Bill, Activists Call On Her To Apologize for Claiming Absence Was a ‘No Show Protest’ 
Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s desperate race up the U.S. Capitol steps to try to cast her vote on the debt bill, caught in a CNN video over the weekend, has prompted an activist group to call on her to apologize for “failing to do her job by missing the vote on the debt ceiling bill and then lying about her reason for missing the vote.” In a statement that is now part of the Congressional Record, Boebert initially explained that she missed the voted because she was “unavoidably detained.” Later, she claimed she was engaging in a “no show protest.” ProgressNow Colorado — a multi-issue state advocacy organization — launched a petition yesterday urging people to “join our call for Rep. Boebert to apologize for her dishonesty and failure to accomplish the one job voters sent her to Washington to do.”
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Lamborn, Boebert Propose ‘Equal Protection’ for Fetuses 
U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) introduced House Resolution 464, “Acknowledging that unborn children are legal and constitutional persons who are entitled to the equal protection of the laws,” on Monday. The 20 co-sponsors include Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), among others. Lamborn’s resolution cites the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, claiming that it “situated its equal protection guarantee within a common-law and statutory context that prohibited abortion and treated the unborn human being throughout pregnancy as a ‘person,’ who under ‘common and civil law’ was ‘to all intents and purposes a child, as much as if born.’”
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Far Right Turns on Marjorie Taylor Greene—and MTG Hits Back in Text to Matt Gaetz 
A MAGA soldier from a deep-red district, Greene spent her first few years in office as a thorn in the side of House GOP leadership. Her attention-seeking, Biden-bashing, pro-Trump antics endeared her to the conservative base as much as they alienated her with GOP leaders. And she owned the persona unapologetically. But lately, a different Marjorie Taylor Greene has emerged—one who’s found favor with Speaker Kevin McCarthy and scorn from the conservative allies who once adored her. And according to a text message Greene sent to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Friday, Greene may be even more done with certain MAGA influencers than they are with her.
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How Colorado Democrats say they’ll unseat Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd district 
U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s seat in Colorado’s sprawling 3rd Congressional District is vulnerable, Democratic officials say, and they’re launching a 17-month campaign to replace the far-right congresswoman. Colorado Democratic Party Chair Shad Murib announced the organization’s 546 Project Monday morning. The project takes its name from the number of votes that separated Boebert from her Democratic Challenger, Adam Frisch, in the November election. In short, Colorado Democrats will lean on volunteers – they have more than two dozen so far – to knock on doors, call, text and email voters throughout the congressional district and muster support against Boebert, Murib said during a news conference.
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Colorado progressive group attacks Lauren Boebert over voting record in new $300K ad campaign 
A left-leaning Colorado nonprofit launched a six-figure ad campaign this week calling on U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert to support lower prescription drug costs and federal social safety net programs. Rocky Mountain Values announced at a press conference in Pueblo on Thursday that the group plans to spend $300,000 this summer on TV, digital, radio, print and mail ads urging the Rifle Republican to listen to her constituents and stop grandstanding, a spokeswoman for the group told Colorado Politics. “We will no longer allow her antics and her extremism to distract from the fact that her record fails to deliver for Coloradans on the issues that matter most to us,” said Justin Lamorte, the group’s executive director.
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Here’s Who Trump Hosted In His Mar-A-Lago Office While He Stored Government Secrets There 
As for U.S. lawmakers, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo). is one of at least six members of Congress to visit Trump in his Mar-a-Lago office. Boebert didn’t encounter any classified information during her November 2021 visit, nor did Trump mention that any was in the vicinity, according to a spokesperson for the lawmaker. Investigators have not been in touch with Boebert regarding her visit, the spokesperson said.
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