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Boebert’s Vote for a Debt Ceiling Bill Reflects Her Longtime Opposition to Government ‘Benefits’ 
Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert on Wednesday voted for a bill put forward by House Republicans that raises the debt ceiling, cuts spending, and repeals key elements of President Biden’s agenda. “The bill that passed the House yesterday is the Congresswoman’s position on the debt ceiling,” Boebert’s press secretary Jake Settle told the Colorado Times Recorder in an email on Thursday. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the final version of the House bill included a number of provisions that were also featured in a House Freedom Caucus proposal unveiled last month. 
Boebert lauds health center grant despite voting no on bill to fund it 
Rep. Lauren Boebert’s office recently issued a press release to celebrate a $5.1 million grant for Pueblo Community Health Center, but Boebert voted against the bill funding it because of what the release called “Democrat poison pills” in the legislation. Most congressional Republicans voted no on the 2023 appropriations act. The grant was secured during the appropriations process in a bill approved by Congress in December 2022. In an interview with the Chieftain, Boebert said the final bill was over a thousand pages and included “amendments that were not germane.”
Nashville congressman drops bill expanding teachers’ Second Amendment rights, ‘ensure our kids are safe’ 
“If Congress is serious about preventing school shootings, it needs to harden schools, allow teachers to take self-defense training, and modernize school firearm policies when over half of states recognize Constitutional Carry,” Boebert said. “Protecting the Second Amendment is the most effective way to prevent violence in our communities and to stop school shootings,” she continued. “Gun free zones are dangerous, since they create vulnerable targets.” Boebert added that “Republicans need to defeat the myth that gun control is the solution to school shootings, and we need to show that we are serious about protecting the Second Amendment while also protecting students from evil murderers.”
Colorado’s members of Congress react to president Biden’s re-election announcement 
Western Slope Republican Lauren Boebert endorsed Trump for president in March. The conservative representatives has been a strong backer of Trump’s. After Biden’s announcement, she tweeted “America will not be rewarding his failures with another term & I hope you will all join me in fighting hard to re-elect President Donald J. Trump!”
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Bye George! Here are the weak GOP seats that could let Dems win the House in ’24 
Rep. Lauren Boebert (Colorado 3rd district) — One of the biggest surprises of 2022 was something that didn’t quite happen, as the ultra-MAGA Colorado congresswoman with a passion for firearms and a colorful past was re-elected by a whisker, eventually beating Democrat Adam Frisch by about 600 votes, the closest congressional race anywhere in the country. Frisch plans to be back for a rematch, and according to Punchbowl News, Republicans now view Boebert as their most vulnerable incumbent next year. Money won’t be her problem: Boebert brought in a formidable $764,000 in Q1 after a previous-cycle total of more than $7 million, but Frisch is also pulling in national money, garnering $500,000 within just three days of launching his 2024 bid, with donors checking in from all 50 states.
Lawmakers are worked up about Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News 
“I STAND WITH TUCKER CARLSON!” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) wrote on Twitter. Kari Lake, a former Arizona gubernatorial candidate and television host, congratulated Carlson on the move. “The best decision I ever made was leaving Fox. Good for you, @TuckerCarlson. You’re free & uncensored!” she tweeted.
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Rep. Lauren Boebert Lists What Patriots Should Be Willing To Do And… It’s Something 
Far-right Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) drew criticism for her rallying cry to so-called patriots during an event in Texas this week. Donald Trump-loving Boebert called for “boldness” from the audience as she listed what she — and they — should be prepared to do in the name of what she claimed was patriotism. “I will do what’s right. I don’t care if it costs me an election,” Boebert said. “I don’t care if the school principal gets mad at me or the county commissioners get upset at me, or if the flight attendant kicks me off the plane.”
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Colorado leaders are rallying against a railway project that would carry crude oil along the Colorado River 
The train would run along the river in a large portion of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s district. The Garfield County Republican has been critical of the Biden Administration amid recent train derailments but is outspoken in her support for oil and gas. Her office did not respond to repeated requests for comments for this story. 
Colorado elected officials across political spectrum want to be allowed to block people on social media 
GOP call for Ukraine peace talks echoes bungled progressive letter 
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Lauren Boebert Slams Biden’s Plan to Penalize Homebuyers With Good Credit 
Community summit kicks off talks on how best to protect Crystal River 
Parents are outraged that Lauren Boebert was allowed to speak to students at their school 
Lauren Boebert’s husband involved in ATV altercation 
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